Khamis, 26 Mei 2016

The old memories

Hello. After a long pause since my last update on 2015. :)

He came again, reminded me about the old time we had been together, the small small thing that we had ever fight and did that I don't even notice or even know it will be so meaningful today. How time flies. After years.

We rarely meet each other, say hello to each other, WhatsAap or even message to each  other. Yeah, even though some people may say internet will get the far people become close, but  it doesn't work well on us. Though it make us become more far from each other.

I got to see him once or twice a year.  Then I guess it had been only about 6 times I meet him. But the things is I don't  understand myself. Why did I get really excited to see his face, though it was, it is not really good looking. Am I nuts? Does madness fill in my brain? But, the important thing is the calmness that I get when I see him, the natural reaction I got when I am with him.

The joy that I get for the last 2 hours meeting. Yeah, only 2 hours. That why I said that it was like I am in a complicated confusion. Temporary happiness I guess. 

Why did I am still waiting thing that I will never get? After all, it only a temporary happiness. I don't even know if I got the chance to meet him again. Maybe he will married to someone else, and so does I am. I am don't know what is ahead, the future I mean.

But I hope that I got to see and spend more time with him if I got the chance again. Do the thing that I ever really wanted, tell him the real things that I want. But it is too late, I am always ended up doing some thing else, talk about something else. It was like, I am running out of time and it never enough when I am with him.

Though I am always said that I don't remember everything we had ever did, the true is, I am still remember it and I am glad that so does him. That mean, I am also not easily removed out of his mind. :p

Maybe he is super busy and so does I am right now. But you know what, nobody is really busy actually, it is a matter of priorities.

But it is okay, I am still can live my life even without him and I am believe I can grow stronger and chase my dream. For the time being, just enjoy every moment that I have. I still have a lot of people around me that I can count in. :)

P/s: I know you will happen to read this as you the one who remind me about this blog. Thanks you for your precious time. Take care and yeah, I miss you and all the memories but nothing we can do about it right. We have our own responsibilities. Let chase our dream. :)

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