Ahad, 10 Jun 2012

Jika sahabat buat salah...

Kamu dan sahabatmu tidaklah selalunya memiliki pendapat yang sama kerana sahabat yang baik tidak akan menyokong sahabatnya yang melakukan kesalahan. Berikut adalah beberapa tip menghadapi sahabt yang kamu yakin berada di jalan yang salah.
1 Tunggu waktu yang tepat.
Jangan sesekali meluahkan keprihatinan kamu di hadapan orang ramai. Ajak teman kamu ke satu tempat yang jauh dari orang di mana tidak ada yang akan mengganggu dirinya. Kamu juga boleh merancang waktu yang spesifik untuk mengelakkan sebarang gangguan atau halangan..

2 Pilih tempat yang paling baik.
Hindari berbincang di rumahnya atau di rumah kamu. Tempat tinggal dianggap sebagai "halaman" seseorang dan menghadapi konflik di rumah akan berakhir pada pengusiran. Sebaliknya, rancang pertemuan kamu di tempat-tempat seperti taman, kafe atau di dalam kereta kamu.

3 Gunakan pendekatan yang positif.
Tenangkan diri kamu dan sentiasa ingat bahawa kamu akan cuba membantu sahabatmu dan bukan untuk menghakiminya. Tulis dan latih kata-kata kamu sebelum bertemu dengannya. Harus diingat, pilihlah dengan hati-hati istilah yang tidak akan meninggung konflik yang lebih besar.

4 Berikan si dia kesempatan berbicara.
Jangan menguasai perbicaraan ataupun hanya mendengar sahaja alasan-alasan yang diberikannya. Sebaliknya, ajukan beberapa pertanyaan dan dengarkan dengan sabar setiap jawapannya. Bincang hal ini secara dalam-dalam, bawa sahabat kamu untuk melihat konsekuensi dari apa yang dilakukannya.

5 Berikan dia waktu.
Jika sahabat kamu menjadi marah dan mahu memutuskan tali persahabatan, berikan dia waktu untuk menyembuhkan luka hatinya. Kemudian kembalilah berhubung dengannya untuk menunjukkan komitmen terhadap persahabatan tetap berjalan. Sebelum menjadi terlalu lama, mulakan perbicaraan dengan cara yang lebih berhati-hati.

6 Minta bantuan pihak ketiga.
Jika perlakuannya terlalu bermasalah, melanggar undang-undang atau tidak bermoral, kamu mungkun memerlukan bantuan daripada pihak ketiga. Bicarakan pada anggota keluarga yang boleh dipercayai atau sahabat yang sedia membantu membicarakan hal tersebut. Menjadi sahabat sama ertinya menjadi anggota keluarga.

In some way, it's kinda true.

You break my HEART into a thousand pieces.

The worst pain in life is when you see your life being spoiled by the one you trust the most


you can't do anything except standing quiet and asking yourself that

..is it the gift of trusting someone or is it what i deserve

Sabtu, 2 Jun 2012

A Long Journey To Watch Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3. Already watch it a week a go with my awesome bestfriends, Aadila and Najwa. I went to SUMMIT alone from Batu Caves to Subang Jaya just to meet both of them. Heyy..it took a lot of time to reach there...and it also is the first time i got to be there. I need to take bus U2 to stop at SOGO, however i had stop at wrong destination. I thought it was LRT Masjid Jamek. But it is Chow Kit Road. Haha. Then I walk alone to the nearer monorail, Medan Tuanku Monorail. Then, I took KTM from KL Sentral to Subang Jaya, then took minibus straight away to SUMMIT. Huh. Why dont someone just take me straight away to the SUMMIT by car instead use so many kind of public transport.

Then...I meet Aadila and Najwa. We watch the movie. I enjoy watch it. Hoho.
MIB-3 opens with a woman (Nicole Scherzinger) walking into a high-security prison, carrying a cake and being teased by the prison guards for it. The cake is intended for a dangerous prisoner, and she is escorted by many guards and passes many gates before she sees the prisoner Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement). After provoking the guards, one of them attempts to damage the cake. However, hidden inside this cake is a tarantula-like alien, which shoots out stingers and kills all the guards. The alien then cuts off Boris's shackles and frees him. As he makes his escape, another inmate cries out to Boris, reminding him of his promise to escape together in exchange for the inmate's information. Boris' response is to kill him. Boris and the woman manages to steal a gun and makes their escape, but are confronted by what appears to be a SWAT unit. Boris uses the gun to blow apart a hole in the wall, through which the guards are sucked out. Boris is able to remain still by using his alien features to root him to the spot, and he catches the woman before she is sucked away as well. Her relief is short-lived, as he lets her go anyways.

Boris steps out of the prison, Lunarmax, and passes the American flag planted on the moon. He declares that he plans to go to Earth to accomplish one mission: To go back in time to 1969 and kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who was responsible for cutting off his hand, imprisoning him, and deployed a protective shield, called ArcNet, around the earth which protects humanity from Boris' kin.

At a crash site in Manhattan the MIB team clean up. K is more taciturn than usual despite his partner J (Will Smith) trying multiple times to engage in conversation. J understands that this is likely because of Z, who had recently passed away and K had been invited to write a eulogy. At the office K does a brief eulogy, delivered so flatly and shortly that J complains about the lack of emotions and all but begs him to say something good if J ever dies first. Agent O (Emma Thompson), the new head of the MIB, announces the break out from Lunarmax and gives them their next assignment. K refuses the say what happened in 1969 and so J tries to look up the archives. He learns that Boris had killed several aliens on Earth, and was arrested by K, but not much else as access is restricted. O tells J not to look and sends him and K out for their assignment.

The partners go to a Chinese restaurant to follow a lead, and a Mr. Wu (Keone Young) greets them happily, but K remains unmoved and demands to see the back. The kitchen houses several aliens in conditions that went against regulation and rules, and while the agents sit down to discuss their moves they realize they are surrounded by aliens not even bothering to hide their identities. During the wild blaster fight, J and K are split apart, K ends up chasing an alien up to the roof where he meets Boris. The fugitive alien almost kills him, failing only because J rejoined them at the last minute. Despite both agents' efforts Boris manages to escape, but not before telling K that he is "already dead".

Later that night, J is playing video games when he receives a call from K. Still miffed at his partner's cold attitude, J is further annoyed when K says nothing, and so hangs up. K hears the dial tone, and picks up a gun. He then fades away, and his own apartment is replaced by another's. When J goes to K's apartment, he is stunned to be greeted by a family in a redesigned apartment. Confused, he distracts himself by drinking the chocolate milk from the family's young daughter (Violet O'Hara) before heading off to headquarters. He asks the door guard (Woodie King Jr) whether K is in, but only receives a blank look. Inside another agent makes references to events J has no recollection of, and when J tries to find K among the other agents he only receives more confused looks. Agent O tells him off for making a ruckus, and when J tries to tell her about K, she informs that he died in 1969. She notices his chocolate milk craving and when J tells her traits about K no one else should have known about, she realizes a fracture has occurred in the space-time continuum.

In the new reality that J finds himself in, K's death meant that Boris was still alive, his species the Bogladites were not extinct, and the ArcNet did not exist. Without the shield the Bogladites are now all surrounding Earth preparing for an invasion. To set things right in the past, J has to travel back in time, save K and make sure the ArcNet is deployed. He goes to the same electronics store and demands the proprieter, Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus), give him the information of the time travel device Boris used. Jeffrey refuses to tell the information, but unintentionally reveals his written log which records the date Boris had went back to: July 17, 1969. He still resists telling J how to do the same, until J points to the televisions broadcasting the Bogladites' invasion and the subsequent destruction. Convinced, Jeffrey takes J to the top of the Chrysler Building, where he gives J the time device and explains how the Time Jump could be triggered: by having J jump off the building to get to the necessary velocity for July 16, 1969. He warns J not to lose the device, and that he must stay away from the younger K if he doesn't want to cause a paradox.

The device works and J appears in 1969, twenty four hours before Boris' arrival. After confirming the date with a man in the elevator (Joel Brady), he steals a car and drives to Coney Island to find Boris. Halfway there, he is pulled over by two police officers (James Martin Kelly and Will McLaughlin), who correctly assume he stole the car but incorrectly thought the same of his suit. When they do the patdown and find the Neuralyzer, J tricks them into pressing the button and escapes. The 1969 Boris has arrived to the amusement park in Coney Island, where a Hippie couple (Valence Thomas and Chloe Sonnenfeld) briefly engage him in conversation and Boris reveals his arrogant nature. Boris rides off to find another alien, and kills him when the alien is uncooperative. J arrives just in time to see Boris escaping and lines him up for a shot, but a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) corners him instead. When J gets too close, the other agent tasers him.

J wakes up in the 1969 MIB headquarters, where the fashions and technology are unfamiliar but the services remain the same. He had been placed by K's desk, who is staring at him suspiciously and grows even more so when J accidentally reveals knowledge he should not have access to. Remembering that he is not supposed to get close to K, J tries to lie his way out, but after seeing a young Agent O (Alice Eve) he is taken to a room where J is to be placed inside a large Neuralyzer. When begging and threatening didn't work, J finally just tells K to not arrest but kill Boris. Curious and finally seeing that J is telling the truth, K releases him, and J admits that he is from the future. Although suspicious and knowing that J is still hiding information, K decides to trust him, and J is amazed at much friendlier the younger K is. They didn't know where Boris is, but guesses it might be related to Cosmic Lanes, a bowling centre that they found the matches for in the victim of Boris' last killing.

Although they are getting along, K doesn't trust J completely, and refuses to return J's weapons. When they arrive to the bowling alley, he even handcuffs J to the car, and goes into the alley alone. Two staff members refuses to let him see the boss, and a standoff starts when K and a four-armed alien (Anthony J. Gallo) point weapons at each other. J arrives and knocks the alien out, telling K he knew where he always kept the handcuff keys. J then proceeds to remove the head of the other staff-alien (Lenny Venito) and plays bowling with the head until the alien cooperates. Unfortunately it is clear Boris had got there first for the owner is dead, but the clues are there and they realize that Boris is heading to a party at "The Factory".

The agents arrive to "The Factory" and are allowed entry when K gives the password, J realizes it is a party for aliens and they start looking for Boris' potential target. Inside they meet a slow talking photographer and undercover agent named Andy Warhol (Bill Hader), who doesn't get along with J and would only talk to K. Dismayed, J returns to the party and meets another another alien, Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), who has the power to view several alternate dimensions simultaneously and thus predict the future. Griffin likes the Earth and plans to hand over the ArcNet to K, telling him it could protect Earth from the Bogladites. Before he could do so Boris arrives, and Griffin flees.

J accurately guesses where Griffin is and finds him at Shea Stadium, where the agents glimpse Griffin's powers. Entranced, they are taken by surprise when Boris appears and captures Griffin. K finally returns the weapons to J and they give chase, Boris escapes but Griffin is rescued and he gives them the ArcNet. To activate, the shield needs to be sent out towards the moon, and Griffin tells K to attach it to the top of Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the moon, which is due to be launched the next day. J realizes that the time travelling Boris likely killed K there, a possible future Griffin confirmed. K punches J twice for keeping such vital information from him, but decides it won't change anything as they had to put up the ArcNet.

J, K and Griffin return to MIB headquarters where O has prepared huge jet-packs for them to get to Cape Canaveral. J resists the idea at first but since hyperspeed cars have not yet been invented, he had no choice. The three arrive safely but are discovered by security. Griffin tells J to tell the men the truth, he does but the three of them are arrested anyways. When their foreign weapons are discovered the three are brought to the head of security, a Colonel (Mike Colter), who doesn't believe their story and plans to have them arrested. Griffins project something to him, and the Colonel escorts the three of them to the launch gantry that would reach the rocket's top. When J asks the Colonel what he saw, the man answers that he saw them the importance of the mission and himself doing what he was doing as he spoke. Griffin tells J he must leave them as whatever future will happen depends on the outcome of this event. When J leaves, Griffin mourns for the potential of death and heartache.

While J and K are running towards the rocket, the Boris from 1969 as well as the Boris who travelled back in time attack them. The two agents are forced apart again, and J uses the time device to help him win his fight against the time traveling Boris. K narrowly manages to attach the ArcNet to the top of the rocket, which gets deployed when the rocket exits the atmosphere.

The two agents return to ground level and J realizes that he has managed to reset the future to one that he is aware of. He had forgotten that the 1969's Boris is still alive, and when the alien appears and tries to kill K, J is too far to do anything. The Colonel saves K's life but dies as a result. Instead of arresting the alien, K remembers the warning and instead kills him. From the nearby truck, the Colonel's son (Cayen Martin) walks up to K and shows him the pocket watch his father had given him. From a distance, J sees the watch and realizes the dead military officer was his father. K walks along with young James along the beach, and it is implied that he took care of the child and took him under his wing all along.

J returns to the present, where he catches the older K humming cheerfully before adopting the professional look J is used to seeing on him. K informs J that the Bogladites have been extinct for the past 40 years, and complains about J hanging up on him last night. J is relieved as he realized his mission in the past had been successful, and the duo exit the diner. Griffin, sitting nearby, says that it's his favourite occasion in human history, but with one flaw. Since K forgot to tip the waitress, they were in the reality where an asteroid is heading towards earth on a collision course. However, K returns and leaves a tip, at which instant the asteroid collides with a satellite and is destroyed, and the closing credits roll in.

I can rate the movie as 7/10. It quiet OK. But i still love Battleship, with it super sound effect..and of course i love the story so much..it like playing a war game. But MIB3 is totally different. It all about how the man who in black suit trying all his best to save the world. It not fascinating me too much and my friend said it was boring and make her almost fell asleep. haha. Sorry MIB3. You are not my taste, but it OK to watch if you have nothing to watch. Haha.

Then. after watch the movie, we went have our lunch. As ussual, KFC. yummy... the we have some walk there and chatting.

About 5pm, I went home.... Again. Alone, Haha. Forever alone. I took minibus to KTM, then took LRT KL Sentral to LRT Taman Melati...then bus T226 straight away to my house, ops..my sister's house.

It really a long, long and longgg journey for me on the lovely Sunday. Yeah. Hopefully we will meet again dear my lovely friend. Miss you guy so much. Wohaa..


My Way

Hello everyone....!!!  Yippe..... Setelah sekian lama tak menaip entri....akhirnya... hewhew~
I am coming back....ni pon sebab ada sorang adik comel ni mintak share something...
Wohaa...Ana bukan la top student Pasum pon.. Rezeki Allah. Alhamdulillah,dapat result yang bagus.  :)

Cara Ana study biasa je, tak la study hard sangat...tapi..study smart..hihi.

Apakah yang Ana maksudkan dengan konsisten di sini? Emm..maksudnya,sentiasa study la.. Ops. bukan la study 24jam..tapi better at least sekali setiap hari baca lecturer note, revise balik nota yang dah dicatat tu,study balik solution tutorial yang dah buat before ni. Baca la walaupun sikit, walaupun sebenarnya senang, kalau susah...usahakan untuk faham,kalau tak faham jugak, tanya kawan..or jumpa terus lecturer.

Jangan biarkan diri anda dibelenggu ????
??? Apakah? Question mark everywhere??? Wohaaa...ini bak kata Mr Z,lecturer Pasum, "Jangan biarkan ??? sentiasa bertambah." Huhu..kalau tak faham lecture yang dah belajar pada hari tu....usahakan untuk faham. Tanya kawan. Tanya tutor. Tanya lecturer. Tanya demo. Pasti dan pasti anda akan dilayan. Yang penting usaha untukmenghilangkan ???? itu.Jangan biarkan ??? bertambah.

Jawab soalan tutorial sendiri.
Emm..honestly kadang-kadang kalau tak paham,Ana tanya jugak kawan-kawan.         . kalau semua orang tak tahu...(Tak da la rajin sangat nak tanya satu Pasum kan.) just tunggu masa kelas tutorial la. Masa bincang tutorial la, segala persoalan terungkai. Hihi. Emm..selalunya,Ana akan buat tutorial sendiri. Yeahh..habit Ana bukanlah meniru tutorial orang lain. Challenge yourself first! Selalunya Ana akan jawab tutorial awal sikit, ASAP selepas dah dapat soalan yang lecturer bagi. Hoho..bagus siapkan tutorial awal ni...weekend boleh study atau otidur seharian atau online seharian atau balik kampung tanpa ada kerja yang perlu dibuat. Wohaa..

Tumpukan sepenuh perhatian masa lecturer supaya nanti balik bilik x banyak dah yang perlu dibaca..supaya faham apa yang dah belajar..then boleh jawab soalan tutorial mahupun test dengan senang hati....hewhew...Juga fokus juga semasa kelas tutorial. Huhu..Ana paling x fokus masa kelas BI. Kenapa? Haha...korang rasa dan alami lah sendiri...Hehe.

Tips Exam.
Dalam kuliah, lecturer kadang2 ada bagi hint masuk soalan ape dan part apa yang penting, penting dan penting. Jadi, fokuslh semasa lecturer bercakap. Same goes masa kelas tutorial, ada tutor akan bagi hint macam mana soalan test mahupon final exam. Emm..nak score masa exam, caranya ialah dengan revise segala bagai nota yang ada, baca balik tutorial yang dah buat. Soalan kadang2 exactly same masa test, midsem or final. Depend la pada lecturer tu la nak buat soalan apa. Haha..Kalau nak senang, just tanya kat lecturer..tu pn klau lecturer tu nak bagitahu. Next, pasikan korang cuba jawab soalan past year.. paling kurang pon 2 tahun lepas...lagi bnyak lag bagus...at least bagi gambaran soalan apa yang mungkin masuk and kadang2 soalan berulang..so x rugi pon jawab past year. Kadang2 past yar lagi senang or lagi susah dari yang actual. Huhu.

Emmm....dah kering idea dah nak tulis apa..Huhu. Okeh, kalau ada apa kemusykilan mahupon pertanyaan, silalah bertanya ye..Ana akan jawab ASAP kalau x da aral yang melintang.

Kepada junior Pasum, good luck and all the best! Semoga dapat result gempak. Wohaa..

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