Sabtu, 30 Mac 2013

Lirik Putih-Putih Melati – ST12

Siapa bilang aku seperti dia
Siapa bilang aku cintai dia
Sesungguhnya aku tak benar-benar cinta
Kerana kau tak seputih melati
Kalau ada hitam pasti ada putih
Jika hatimu kelam tak mungkin bersih
Tak usah kau lanjutkan tuk berbagi kasih
Karena kau tak seperti melati

[*] Putih-putih melati
Merah-merah delima
Siapa yang baik hati
Pasti ku terima ahh haa
Putih-putih melati
Merah-merah delima
Siapa yang baik hati
Pasti ku terima
Repeat [*]

Khamis, 28 Mac 2013


See no evil.

Hear no evil.


Speak no evil.


Rabu, 27 Mac 2013

Selasa, 26 Mac 2013


Quote of the day: 
A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch but on its wings.


Ahad, 24 Mac 2013

Growing older


Everyone will growing and growing. Yeah. Me too not escape it. :)

Well, last friday is my friend birthday. Yeahh.. Saadiah's 20th birthday. Happy birthday girl !!

Hoping u have such a great day through your life. Enjoy and appreciate every second given to u. :) And as friend, I wish all the best for everything you do. I am always here to support u. :)

Lastly, hope our friendship last longer. :)

Next, on Saturday is Fairus's birthday. She is one of the earlier person i knew in KK9. :) We used to hangout and having dinner together for the first semester. 

As time flies, everyone busy with study and life. I am join sukmum, college project, while she join palapes and of course she have no time during weekend. However, we still chat around if have time. :) She is such a good friend to me. :)

Sabtu, 23 Mac 2013

Earth Hour 2013


Do you aware today is a Earth special day??
Be in the move and show love towards our EARTH!!
every year,about 10.2% of electricity usage is save during this one hour globally,hence join us to be greener.

*beyond imagination

Khamis, 21 Mac 2013

Warm Bodies


I am just went to the Midvalley to watch a superb best amazing movie name 'Warm Bodies' last Friday. The movie was just released on Thursday and yeahhh I am watch it at the second day it just had been released. I went there with my roomate, Ayu.

Oh..guy..just amazing you are the little young girl, then a pale but quite handsome zombie just fall in love with you. But...the zombie also just ate your boyfriend without your acknowledgments. Well, if the zombie eat you, he will have your memories. And here...he, R just have Perry's boyfriend's memories. Oh..god.

Well, the movie was very interesting and of course not boring at all. I laugh a lot and satisfied. Do take your time to the cinema to watch it or if you really damn lazy, just download it. Hehe.

Sabtu, 16 Mac 2013

My Uni Life :)


A lot of things just happen through this week. It was full of excitement, laughter, fun, new experience, and many more. And of course, I am enjoy every moment that happen and hoping this happy moment will come to my life again and again. :)

Yeah, at first of my day entering the Chemical Engineering Department, I am just wondered, do I am welcomed to this new group of students? Which full of intelligent, 'skema', genius, science in mind  students. Well, it was not bad at all to get to know about them all. Everyone have their own strength and weakness. Me too, have my own strength and weakness. We all are human, it is?

I am lucky because I am Pasumian. After all, at my first day, I am know some of them. Yeah, a lot of Pasumian are here, in Chemical Engineering Department, mostly are physical student. They are Saadiah aka Deng who is my classmate since secondary school, also my ex-roomate during  in Pasum, then, Amalia who I know before as Ezza's friend and I am never get a clue if I will be friend with her ever, but after all, we are a good friend, cheer! Next, Ein, well,I do not know much about her before but her face is very common as I always bump into her during lecture. Then, Fitri aka ThreeFour, he is our headboy for physical group and he is famous for name as ThreeFour during the Pasum MHS. Well, he seriously a genius guy I ever know in my life and he also a Dean List Student ok. Wohhaaa! Next are, Hanif, Arif, Nazra, Zakwan, Syed, Muhamad and Eddy. Yeah, not to forget, Hanisah also a Pasumian, but she from 'Hayat' student. Well, I am very jealous for his very good command in English, her confident, her attention in class and many more. Hoping that I will be like her too. :)

Heyyy...there also one of my senior  who is pursuing his Double Degree. Yeah, Izzat Iskandar. Well, I am do not know much about him too. After all,we are Seratasian. Yeah. Me, Deng and Izzat. :) Izzat also a talented guy, he had his own band during his study at overseas and he also one of member for Seratas's wind orchestra band. He is very good in playing music instrument.

Ok, next are non-Pasumian and also non-Seratasian. Heee.. They  are Ana, Hidayah, Zarith Sofea, Fairus, Ezzah, Hafiz, Afiq, Ayie and Kamal. Then, there also a lot of Chinese's student here. But I am only remember a few of them which I am used to talk to, like Leong Cheong Yik (well, he is my labmate during the 1st semester and he is very nice guy, he do not let me do danger and heavy things), How Seow Wah, Maydeline, Khor Suet Fenn, Tham Kuan Keong aka KK ( he is our class rep andd he is really nice guy), Tan Tong Yang, Tan Chee  Seng, Jason, Wai Wai, Teoh Kareen, and many more. There are only two Indian guy in our class, Arunan and Aravend. Then, international student, Ewana and Madin.

There so much thing that had happen through our 1st semester and this few week in the 2nd semester. Yeah. We will having our Chemical Engieering Department Annual Night aka CEDAN. Then, 1st  time in my life will  dance at that night, well, not me alone ok, all girl will dance. Hahaha. My first attempt dancing!! Well, we will practice ok. :) Then, there also will be Sport Day for our department. Yey...

There was so much thing awaited for us, a much more lesson t be learn in order to ba a good engineer, a lot of activity which will create our own character and many more. Well, just follow the flow and keep yourself at the correct path. :)

*bowling's practice
*Netball's practice
*Dance's practice
*Book in making
 p/s: May Allah bless or friendship. :)

Khamis, 14 Mac 2013

Our first book :)


Last tuesday, during our TCS class, we had given a task to made a wonderful book, "100 tips to delelop yourself into a successful undergraduate student"

It was really great actually when making a book. We learn how to collaborate with others around us, learn how to accept others ideas instead of our, learn on how to think creative within limited duration and many more. :)

Looking forward if we have the opportunity to make another book in the future. :)

Sabtu, 9 Mac 2013

I am coming home :)


Second time balik rumah naik kereta api ktm. First time dulu masa raya haji naik kereta api laju ets. Tapi ets sampai Ipoh je tapi kali ini naik ktm berhenti sampai Kuala Kangsar. Hewhew.

Lenggong, here I am come. :) Finally dapat pon balik kampung after 3 week belajar. Heee.. :)

Well, perasaan nak balik kampung ni lagi rasa teruja bila naik kereta api. Haha. Memang rasa lain. Sebab ye la, sebelum ni kan selalu naik bas atau kereta je kan. Hee. Agak-agak kalau naik kapal terbang or kapal apa lah rasanya kan. Hee. Well, satu pengalaman baru untuk dirasai. :)

Khamis, 7 Mac 2013

Daily fresh


Are you hungry? Yes? I am also hungry! Need something to eat which not too heavy and yet not too light. Uuuu..

Thus, I am prefer Daily Fresh as it fast, and of course I can get it easily as the stall is near the bus stand.

Walawehh..tak nampak dah kakak garang yg serve Ana masa first visit & try kat sana dulu. Luckily dapat layanan yg sewajarnya. Hehee..lagipon masa tu just Ana sorang je. --' forever alone.

Apa-apa pon Ana just berminat kepada wafer sahaja. Not the water. Air mahal tapi x lah sedap sangat. Sedap lagi air abg kafe buat. Hewhew. Well, setiap tempat ada kelebihan dan kelemahannya yg tersendiri. :)

Rabu, 6 Mac 2013

Happy Birthday Senior :)


Walaweehhhhh...Today is 6 of March 2013. Thus....

"Happy Bithday"
to my beloved senior, Hafsyam Zulkifli.

*Broga's model*uuuuuuu..*

*merenung masa hadapan..ekeke*
 Well, selamat menjadi semakin tua. :) Terima kasih kerana berjaya menjadi senior kita yang paling baik, paling cool, paling rajin jawab segala persoalan kita, paling sabar and so on. haha. 

Well, semoga sihat, berjaya selalu. :) Cepat cepat lah grad and kerja supaya nanti boleh belanja kita makan banyak banyak. ekeke. haha.

Berminat dengan beliau? Sila add beliau di facebook. Hehehe. :)



Ahad, 3 Mac 2013

Favourite spot of the year.


A place must we went to throughout this 2 year goes to.... HOSPITAL. *clap*clap*

Uuuuu...actually i really hate to go to the hospital, klinik, wad, farmasi and all what so ever. Yeahh..but..never mind. Just go, meet the doctors, nurses, staff..take my medicine and go home.

It was either me or my sister or my nephew will need the treatment. It was like a must visit to the health care centre for us.

Yeaahhh. If I am healhty enough, there will be no need for me to go there. If everyone in the world are healthy, even hospital would not exist, and even doctors will not needed too.

It is really sad to be admitted in the ward, far away from family. But somehow, we need to obey the regulation that need us to be there in order to keep us become healhty again.

I hope that everything will become better soon. Until then, we can enjoy doing our favourite activities togethers. :)

And finally, hoping that hospital would not be the favourite spot of the year again. :)

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