Selasa, 31 Disember 2013

End of 2013

 Bismillah and Assalamualaikum.

Less than 24 hours, there will be a new year for us, 2014. And of course, a new, good started for us to change to become a better person. Hopefully.

 2013 had marked a lot of great moment throughout my life.

There were many great things that had happen, about my social life, my relationship, my responsibilities, new experience and many more that i am unable to list.

Well, my 2013 started with I am faced many hard things; final examination for my 1st semester and money, friends & trust crisis. It is unbelievable i am had been stabbed by my own blog's friend. I am still remembered that incident, which really affected my life, also my examination, which lead to unacceptable exam result for my 1st semester. Well, at least, the experienced had made me to be more matured in making decision as well as to never trust people easily. Yeah. I am learn it.

Then, during semester break, I am work at Taska Comel Niya for about less than a month. It was a relaxing moment to be surrounded with children who appreciated our love and kindness. :) 


Open of new semester, I am joining one of college activities; Pesta Hari Terbuka KK9. It was a great experience indeed. I am in bureau's protocol. I am also joining Ninth Run Ninth during that time.

2013, I am also experienced going home by train. Not bad. LOL. The best experienced is when I am and Ika went to KL back after Raya Haji. We had missed our bus. Luckily, we manage to get a train which is extra train at 2.00 am. Otherwise, I am may missed my test. Well, it had been a bad traffic jam at that time. Iff we manage to board into our bus, we still stuck in the super-long-time-to-wait to arrived KL.

Joining UM Chemical Engineering is really tough indeed. Well, at least, I am luckily to have UMCE's family. They are those people who understand our situation as they are on the same boat as I am. Chill...

There were more activities that had been organized during 2nd semester; Sport's day and CEDAN. It had made our bond between each others become more stronger. And all I can say, I am love  it. Aahaaa.. one more thing, we, the 10 girls from 2012/2013 batch do had made dance performance during CEDAN. I am cant believe.. I can dance actually. :p





Before final examination semester 2, before the end of semester 2, there had been several dinner by college. It is college's annual activity. The theme is color block and Chinese's foods.



And... by 6th June 2013, my age had turn into 20. No more teen.. 


 Then, the real battle had started. Final examination semester 2.

 After final examination, I am went to Melaka. Weeee.. Zoo Melaka. :)


 Then, I am happily enjoy my 2 month holiday at my hometown, Lenggong. Celebrating Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidiladha there until my holiday ended. Such a great moment ever. Well, I am do take license's class during my holiday.


Then, open of new semester 3. I am getting 2 new buddies, Ayumi and Khairudin. Having bbq time with UMCE family to greet the new semester and new people who coming into our department.

Then, here... all the trouble once started again, but this time even more trouble and more difficulties awaited for us. More challenging and yet fun. Haunted with Thermodynamic 1, this semester we need to take Thermodynamic 2 which is more challenging. Also more subject which likely to failed us rather than make me pass with flying color; PDE (the most scariest subject ever), Reaction, Heat Transfer, Vector, Material and PAC.

Apart of all this busy moment with all those tutorial, assignment, quiz and test, I am manage to join SUKMUM. And all I am can say is, I am not performing. It is such a damn; how slow I am running at that time. It was like I am not training at all, and yes, I am lack of training due to all those tired work which force me to rest after class instead of jogging. Well, maybe I am will work hard more and manage my time to perform during the next SUKMUM.


Yeah, that the last activities I am joining before final examination. 

Now, let focus on the final examination semester 3 which really important in every student life.

With new coming year, let we perform better than the other year and improve ourselves to become a better person, either in real world or virtual world.

And... do pray for my examination;

3rd Jan   - Material Science
6th Jan   - Physical & Analytical Chemistry
7th Jan   - Reaction 1
9th Jan   - Heat Transfer
10th Jan  - PDE
13th Jan  - Vector
15th Jan  - Thermodynamic 2

"Robbi yassir wala tu'assir, Rabbi tammim bil khair"
"Ya Allah, berilah segala kemudahan kepadaku, janganlah Engkau beri kesusahan dan sempurnakanlah semua hajatku dengan sebaik-baiknya."

Jumaat, 27 Disember 2013

Study week

Bismillah and Assalamualaikum.

It had been a long time that i had not post anything in this blog.

Yeah. Kinda busy with my test, surprise quiz, tutorial and assignment.

And yeah, now is study week time. And that mean that i am need to prepare for my final exam which around the corner or on 3rd Jan 2014 to be more precise.

And i am know that i am not ready to face the final yet. Even i am not start study anything yet. Why? Because doing the last assignment. Damn. I am though that i can finished it early but, somehow it take the a whole week to finished it. I am barely breath to done it.

Well, i am done with it now. :)

Now let focus for final exam.

At least, after 3 week more, i will be free. Hoyeahhhh.

At this moment, i am waiting my sister at putra lrt station. I am going home. I am need a rest before fight final exam battle.

Yeahh. Wish me luck for my final exam.

Engineering life is hard. And yes, i am know it. Just go with the flow. But make sure your action is turbulent, not laminar one. :)

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