Ahad, 5 Mei 2013

Six ways to improve your blog with Google+

Add Google+ buttons and gadgets
Help readers to follow and share your posts on Google+ with the +1 button, Google+ badge and Google+ Followers gadget. Visit the Layout tab, click "Add a gadget" and select the Google+ gadgets that you'd like to add. 
Manage comments in one place
Turn on Google+ Comments to bring comments on your posts together in one place, including posts about your content in Google+. 
Share your posts with a new audience
Share your blog posts publicly on Google+ and encourage your readers to re-share. Add hashtags when you share to tie your posts to relevant themes and trending topics, increasing their visibility. 
Connect with readers face to face
Host a group video chat conversation with your readers in a Google+ Hangout. You can live-stream it and post the final video on your blog. 
Meet others like you
Participate in Google+ Communities related to your blog. You can meet people interested in similar subjects and discover new topics to cover. 
Spark up conversations with Google+ mentions
Add Google+ mentions to your posts to get someone's attention. Your mention will link to their Google+ page or profile, and you can notify them when you share. 
Catat Ulasan
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