Jumaat, 27 Disember 2013

Study week

Bismillah and Assalamualaikum.

It had been a long time that i had not post anything in this blog.

Yeah. Kinda busy with my test, surprise quiz, tutorial and assignment.

And yeah, now is study week time. And that mean that i am need to prepare for my final exam which around the corner or on 3rd Jan 2014 to be more precise.

And i am know that i am not ready to face the final yet. Even i am not start study anything yet. Why? Because doing the last assignment. Damn. I am though that i can finished it early but, somehow it take the a whole week to finished it. I am barely breath to done it.

Well, i am done with it now. :)

Now let focus for final exam.

At least, after 3 week more, i will be free. Hoyeahhhh.

At this moment, i am waiting my sister at putra lrt station. I am going home. I am need a rest before fight final exam battle.

Yeahh. Wish me luck for my final exam.

Engineering life is hard. And yes, i am know it. Just go with the flow. But make sure your action is turbulent, not laminar one. :)

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