Ahad, 9 Jun 2013

I am 20 already !


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to me.! :)

Yeahhh, I am officially 20 years old. Growing older mahhhh. And of course, much bigger responsibilities awaited for me. I am hope that I have the strength and sufficient energy to face everything that coming, especially my upcoming final examination. Hope that I can do the best and get better grade this semester. Aminnn. :)

Owh, yaaa... actually my birthday is on 6th June 1993. hehe. :)

Auumm, aummmm....just celebrated my birthday with tiramisu cake from Cake Sense KLCC. It is really delicious and yummy. Actually  there a lot of varieties of cake available and  the topping is just nice. What I would say more? I love the cake. But I love indulgence chocolate from Secret Resepi even more. Noting can beat  indulgence chocolate so far. Hehe. But then, this time, I am would like to try  other type of cake innstead of indulgence and it just nice. Alhamdulillah. :)

Last but not least,

OK, love u guys so damn much. Hope all of us can do our best during this final examination and got what we should deserve. :)
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