Sabtu, 16 Ogos 2014

Short Semester

I am taking short semester aka special semester during this semester break. That mean, no long holiday for me, no long sleep for me, no long time on internet for me and so does others things. That it is.

And here it goes, the final exam are coming soon. 

As shown in the exam timetable, I am taking 2 subject; PDE and calculus. I am got C for PDE and B- for calculus last time. I am expecting for A or A- or at least B+ for this time around. Please let me increase my current CGPA which is not really in good condition anymore.

I can brag about my CGPA during the foundation level but not in the undergraduate level. It is totally far far far away from excellent level. I  am not good on anything anymore. Do I am more playing around than study?

Yes, I am admit that I am a bit distracted this time around. Not focusing. Can't digest everything faster. I am within my limit. I am scoring the same or almost same GPA for every semester. (So far it had been 4 semester) There is no very good GPA or even very bad GPA. It is average. I am wondered. Does I am are faith to be in average level only?

I am study, doing the same practice as my friend did, memories the same formula. But they manage to get higher and better grade than me. It kill me. Yeah, someone had said this to me, it is sad to see our friend fails but it is even more sad to see your friend excels in exam but you are not. I am fell stupid, offended, effortless... 

Yeah, I know should be happy for them. But how come I can be happy if my result are not good as them?

Then, lets pray for my  upcoming examination. Hoping that miracles happens. Hoping that my CGPA increases. Please.

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