Jumaat, 24 Oktober 2014

Mid Semester Break

Assalamualaikum & Good Night. :)

My holiday are nearly end...

and the bad news is.... 

I am not done with my homework yet which I am still chilling around, relaxing, surfing and update this blog. -.-

My What To dO List!
  • Report E7- Two Phase Flow
  • Presentation Slide E6-Extraction
  • Tutorial Biochemistry
  • Study for midterm Simulation
  • HE questionnaire

Chill ! I can do it! HAHA

Well. Are my life are  too busy which doesn't let me to update this blog? 

Actually I am prefer to update my Instagram rather than this blog. That is. But still, I will update this blog if I am most likely having mood, inspiration to do so. :p

Well. What I had done through my holiday? Having a short vacation? Nope. So what I do?
Babysitting my nephews-
Watching channel 552 (cartoon) only-
Cooking, eating, surfing, tidy the house-

Well. I am practicing to become a full housewife in short. :p

As the holiday nearly ended, I am better start doing my work NOW! Like there no more tomorrow. -.-


See you later guys. Lots of love. 

Catat Ulasan
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