Jumaat, 14 Ogos 2015

To write or not to write?

Hello everyone!

It had been 7th week since my 1st day of internship. Where is it? Around Selangor area. What company it is? Water and wastewater treatment management company. And absolutely it is not Syabas nor Indah Water. It is just a fate that I came across this company after one of my friend rejected their offer as him is more interested to other company which located near to his hometown. How I am wish to have internship at Lenggong. Hahahaha.

Well, left 3 week more before I am ended my days at this company. And this mean also that left 3 week more before class for semester 7 start. Hmmp. How I am wish I am still at primary school. Enjoying my day with play around with friends, laugh a lot having infinite fun, watch cartoon in the morning, play in the evening, going to mosque at night and many more. How I am miss my childhood moment. :(

Well, nothing last forever. Thus, just enjoy the moment and cherish the days coming. :)

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