Jumaat, 5 Oktober 2012

Dear my life,


Dear my life,
I am going to SMiLE,
like nothing was wrong,
talk like everything is perfects,
act like it all a dream and
pretend it is not hurting me at all.

Engineers says:
Doesn't unhealthy junk food taste more yummy than the usual food?
Don't you enjoy ice cream more in winters than in summers?
Isn't having coffee and sandwiches at 2 am the best treat?
Isn't being hopelessly lazy in short pants, better than getting ready into branded clothes?
Isn't studying the night before exam, more exciting than finishing the syllabus 2 day before?
Somethings are just more enjoyable when done with the unconventional way!

Because, life is not as you plan, but as you LIVE!

Live yours in a way that you create millions of memories...!!

Have a wonderful day :)

“The difference between school and life? 
In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. 
In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

Photo: Squeezing the last drop of energy.
#Absolutely! :)

While counting the star each night,
Don't forget about the earth we step on;
Come morning when the sun is bright,
The hard soil remains while the sparkles are gone.

✿ Berterima kasihlah pada yang kalah, kerana mereka kita menjadi juara.
✿ Berterima kasihlah pada yang menegur, kerana mereka mungkin kita di syurga.
✿ Berterima kasihlah pada yang menyokong, kerana mereka kita punya sumber kekuatan.
✿ Berterima kasihlah pada yang memberi, kerana mereka kita menjadi seperti sekarang.
✿ Berterima kasihlah pada yang berjasa, kerana mereka kita merasa sebuah kehidupan.
✿ Berterima kasihlah pada Allah, kerana setiap ujian yang datang menjadikan kita lebih baik

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