Khamis, 7 November 2013

Cgpa; does it really matter?

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Do GGPA does really matter? That what I am wondering until now. Do it really affect my future if I am not graduate with great CGPA as it seem toughener as time flies.

My classmate had posted through Facebook;

"So I attended this Samsung Career talk organized by AIESEC UM today. And there was one statement that I heard which I will never forget. 

The Senior HR Manager of Samsung Malaysia stated that he failed a student with 4.0 GPA and chose a student with 3.0 GPA, simply because the 3.0 GPA knew how to talk well in the interview, while the 4.0 GPA could not. 

I believe this is something we all should deeply think about. Through this talk, my beliefs that grades matter the least became even stronger as he said that he would always prefer the student who joined more activities over the high achiever. 

So join more activities and start to move out of your comfort zone. University is a platform where you improve yourself. This is the place where you SHOULD fail. So that you can avoid failing or at least limit that in real life . 

PS: The minimum CGPA for applying for Samsung Malaysia is 3.5. And yet he chose an applicant with 3.0. "

Another classmate of mine comment;

"Most companies purposely state the minimum CGPA at certain number to reduce the number of applicants. Do not hesitate to apply even if your CGPA is lower than what is required."

Another comment;

"CGPA will only get you for an interview not the job."

Well, during HT class, my lecturer had said, we should have strong soft-skill and teamwork skill in order to qualified ourselves to enroll into a company. Well, if you have this advantages, they will accept you as their members. It doesn't matter what your CGPA was. The most important things are the way you communicate and delivering your message to your team member are clear.

One more, whenever you came from doesn't matter to them. Either from UM, UTM, UTP, Uitm or whatsoever ipta's or ipts's as long as you have strong soft-skill and good communication skill.

They will never judge, from UM, it is really tough to get 3.5 above, so we will accept you. There no such things!! Now, I am wondering... what do university ranking effect us as student? Do the ranking  help us to get job easily? Do company check where we come from? Our background? Eemmmm...

Well, I am still remember this things, what one of my lecturer had said last semester; CGPA doesn't really matter if you know nothings. You take the exam, then you forget; it is waste of time. Then, what is your purpose of study? To pass the exam? Or to get as much as possible the knowledge?

It is true that we should grab as many information, knowledge during our life in university. Then, we will apply it when we work. How come you will work if you do not have strong basic fundamental about your work.

Well... ask ourselves, what is our purpose during university life? To get higher CGPA without implement any soft-skill? Or join as many as possible  others university activities to gain more knowledge about it as well as maintain the CGPA? Or anythings else?

For me, everything are important. I need to maintain and increase my CGPA. Then, join any activities that I like to enhance my soft-skill and communication skill with the community around me. Yes, I am admit that it is really tough to score high CGPA. But, at least, you work hard and never give up. Then, your effort will deserve a good grade instead of blaming others. Wohaaaa..

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