Isnin, 16 Jun 2014

Exam mode ON

Assalamualaikum and good night.

Exam mood is happening around now. Everyone are gasping for air to breath in as it seem numbers of books, notes, examples, tutorials to read are too much enough, compiling like a big giant mountain. And after all, some need to be glare quickly and the worst, that part is what coming in the exam. Sigh. =.=

Well, for me, 3 had down and 2 more paper left. Then, I am free and can enjoy my holiday.

Hardly have time for others things. Books, notes, tutorial, past year- everything evolves on these thingy. And I can say.. I need to, I need to force myself study, drag myself from the comfy bed to the hard study chair. =.= 

Well, must admit that I am not a genius birth given child. Need to struggle and work hard in order to pass the exam. What? Pass only? Yes. Yessss!! It is not easy to pass the subject, the core subject mainly.

Okay, it seem that I had written much. Good luck people, may the good follow all of you. Cheers! 

Catat Ulasan
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