Jumaat, 20 Jun 2014

End of my 2nd year student life.

Assalamualaikum and greeting to everyone.

Just finished my final examination. Yippeeee... This indicate the end of my second year degree life. Well done Farhana! Shoud I say.. welcome HOLIDAY.... :)

After examination, I went to KLCC for my Petrosains Volunteer's interview. Actually, it was on 3.00 pm but as I reach there early, thus we having lunch first at KFC. The place was crowded with school student. It was not 10 or 20 but I guess it was more than 60 students. Wow. Luckily we found a nice place to eat. After lunch and prayer, I went to Petrosains and waiting patiently my turn. It was like about 1 hours. And I was like.. WHAT..? Ok. 

The interview session was quite ok and not too formal. I am just introduce myself and tell them about my experience which after I am leaving the  room, I am noticed that I am forgot to tell them what activities that I had join in my school and degree life. =.= But, I am guess that as they had seen all my thick certificate file, they should know that I am quite an active person literally which from my eye of my friend may NOT. :p

And now, I am officially on holiday  mood. Yeahhh... But, I am in biggest dilemma ever whether to work or taking short semester session or continue with my driving license classes or just stay at home, eat and cook ? Maybe I will considered it later. Btw, my brother ask me to come to Sabah. Need too consider that also. Em..emm.. There a lot of thing that in my plan. Urghhh.

Ok guys. Will continue writing more later. Ok. Bye. Have  a dice day.

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