Ahad, 8 Mac 2015


Hello there... (>_<) It is no doubt that it had been a long time since my last update on this blog. Haha. Like anyone care huh, dear Farhana?

A lot of things does happen in my life nowadays. And I miss the teenager moment very much when I have a lot of time to chilling around. Hee.. Well, it is 6th  semester of my studies right now. A lot of thing I learn, new friends, new experienced, new challenges, etc.

It is already 3rd week. But, a lot of things did happen.. and as usual, I am busy with  all those thing. As expected, on my first week, first day, first class... we do receive tutorial question already. Hahaha. Same thing do happen like last semester where we got biochemistry homework on the first class. And here same thing did happen on Separation II class. Well, that  is CE  life.  One more thing, apart of the tutorial, we also did have test on the first week. Honesty, I am only score 2 mark. Haha. What a  shame. Well, I am not really prepared for those test. My bad.

Beside,  we also have Chem-E Car Internal Screening Competition in the 2nd Week. Everything went well. Check this out on Youtube!!


The competition is quite interesting and I just love  it. Ahh.. yezza, I am one of the organizing committee. And it do take a lot of my time sorting this thing out and luckily I am not the Mrs President of this competition. Else, I am might be more busier.

Btw, good night peeps. I should continue doing my revision and homework by now. See u when i see u again. :)

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