Khamis, 21 Mac 2013

Warm Bodies


I am just went to the Midvalley to watch a superb best amazing movie name 'Warm Bodies' last Friday. The movie was just released on Thursday and yeahhh I am watch it at the second day it just had been released. I went there with my roomate, Ayu.

Oh..guy..just amazing you are the little young girl, then a pale but quite handsome zombie just fall in love with you. But...the zombie also just ate your boyfriend without your acknowledgments. Well, if the zombie eat you, he will have your memories. And here...he, R just have Perry's boyfriend's memories. Oh..god.

Well, the movie was very interesting and of course not boring at all. I laugh a lot and satisfied. Do take your time to the cinema to watch it or if you really damn lazy, just download it. Hehe.

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