Ahad, 3 Mac 2013

Favourite spot of the year.


A place must we went to throughout this 2 year goes to.... HOSPITAL. *clap*clap*

Uuuuu...actually i really hate to go to the hospital, klinik, wad, farmasi and all what so ever. Yeahh..but..never mind. Just go, meet the doctors, nurses, staff..take my medicine and go home.

It was either me or my sister or my nephew will need the treatment. It was like a must visit to the health care centre for us.

Yeaahhh. If I am healhty enough, there will be no need for me to go there. If everyone in the world are healthy, even hospital would not exist, and even doctors will not needed too.

It is really sad to be admitted in the ward, far away from family. But somehow, we need to obey the regulation that need us to be there in order to keep us become healhty again.

I hope that everything will become better soon. Until then, we can enjoy doing our favourite activities togethers. :)

And finally, hoping that hospital would not be the favourite spot of the year again. :)

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