Ahad, 24 Mac 2013

Growing older


Everyone will growing and growing. Yeah. Me too not escape it. :)

Well, last friday is my friend birthday. Yeahh.. Saadiah's 20th birthday. Happy birthday girl !!

Hoping u have such a great day through your life. Enjoy and appreciate every second given to u. :) And as friend, I wish all the best for everything you do. I am always here to support u. :)

Lastly, hope our friendship last longer. :)

Next, on Saturday is Fairus's birthday. She is one of the earlier person i knew in KK9. :) We used to hangout and having dinner together for the first semester. 

As time flies, everyone busy with study and life. I am join sukmum, college project, while she join palapes and of course she have no time during weekend. However, we still chat around if have time. :) She is such a good friend to me. :)

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