Sabtu, 16 Mac 2013

My Uni Life :)


A lot of things just happen through this week. It was full of excitement, laughter, fun, new experience, and many more. And of course, I am enjoy every moment that happen and hoping this happy moment will come to my life again and again. :)

Yeah, at first of my day entering the Chemical Engineering Department, I am just wondered, do I am welcomed to this new group of students? Which full of intelligent, 'skema', genius, science in mind  students. Well, it was not bad at all to get to know about them all. Everyone have their own strength and weakness. Me too, have my own strength and weakness. We all are human, it is?

I am lucky because I am Pasumian. After all, at my first day, I am know some of them. Yeah, a lot of Pasumian are here, in Chemical Engineering Department, mostly are physical student. They are Saadiah aka Deng who is my classmate since secondary school, also my ex-roomate during  in Pasum, then, Amalia who I know before as Ezza's friend and I am never get a clue if I will be friend with her ever, but after all, we are a good friend, cheer! Next, Ein, well,I do not know much about her before but her face is very common as I always bump into her during lecture. Then, Fitri aka ThreeFour, he is our headboy for physical group and he is famous for name as ThreeFour during the Pasum MHS. Well, he seriously a genius guy I ever know in my life and he also a Dean List Student ok. Wohhaaa! Next are, Hanif, Arif, Nazra, Zakwan, Syed, Muhamad and Eddy. Yeah, not to forget, Hanisah also a Pasumian, but she from 'Hayat' student. Well, I am very jealous for his very good command in English, her confident, her attention in class and many more. Hoping that I will be like her too. :)

Heyyy...there also one of my senior  who is pursuing his Double Degree. Yeah, Izzat Iskandar. Well, I am do not know much about him too. After all,we are Seratasian. Yeah. Me, Deng and Izzat. :) Izzat also a talented guy, he had his own band during his study at overseas and he also one of member for Seratas's wind orchestra band. He is very good in playing music instrument.

Ok, next are non-Pasumian and also non-Seratasian. Heee.. They  are Ana, Hidayah, Zarith Sofea, Fairus, Ezzah, Hafiz, Afiq, Ayie and Kamal. Then, there also a lot of Chinese's student here. But I am only remember a few of them which I am used to talk to, like Leong Cheong Yik (well, he is my labmate during the 1st semester and he is very nice guy, he do not let me do danger and heavy things), How Seow Wah, Maydeline, Khor Suet Fenn, Tham Kuan Keong aka KK ( he is our class rep andd he is really nice guy), Tan Tong Yang, Tan Chee  Seng, Jason, Wai Wai, Teoh Kareen, and many more. There are only two Indian guy in our class, Arunan and Aravend. Then, international student, Ewana and Madin.

There so much thing that had happen through our 1st semester and this few week in the 2nd semester. Yeah. We will having our Chemical Engieering Department Annual Night aka CEDAN. Then, 1st  time in my life will  dance at that night, well, not me alone ok, all girl will dance. Hahaha. My first attempt dancing!! Well, we will practice ok. :) Then, there also will be Sport Day for our department. Yey...

There was so much thing awaited for us, a much more lesson t be learn in order to ba a good engineer, a lot of activity which will create our own character and many more. Well, just follow the flow and keep yourself at the correct path. :)

*bowling's practice
*Netball's practice
*Dance's practice
*Book in making
 p/s: May Allah bless or friendship. :)
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