Khamis, 1 November 2012

Lamanya Tak Menulis


Hai kawan-kawan ! Sudah lama kan Ana tak menulis. Err..I mean menulis kat blog ni lah. Kalau atas kertas, always lah kan, sampai tak sempat nak mengadap blog ni. Tu pon selalu buka facebook sebab nak tengok update dekat group kolej mahupon coursemate, and then, spectrum sebab nak tengok note terbaru, and then, twitter kadang-kadang and foursquare always. Haha. Suka sangat dengan foursquare. Mengapakah? Entah. maybe sebab quite interesting. maybe.

Wohaaaa. Hari ni rajin lah sikit nak buka blog ni. Rindu sangat-sangat nak menulis. Aisehhh. haha. Pon bolehhhhh. Kan.

Actually, as u all know, I memang lah tersangat buzy.  Yeah. Dengan study only. Tu belum I join apa-apa projek kolej lagi. Haish. haaa. I got the chance untuk join Pesta Hari Terbuka. Esok lah  first meeting. Looking forward for what I am going to do. Hope something interesting and I am eager to learnt it. Yeaahhh. Hope tak effect or clsh dengan my masa study. Yeah. i am want to be an engineer and I have got a lot of task needed to be completed in order nak dapat title Ir tu. Trust me, I am engineer. Awesome.

This few week, emmm.. I think all week.. especially this two week la.. I need to struggle more and more sebab a lot of quiz and also mid term test wait for me. Awesome. And I am, as always, not really sure if I am ready to face it. But by hook or by crook... tomorrow will be 2 quiz.. thermodynamics and numerical method. And I am like... screwed me, I am death. Wohaaa. 

Even thought the termodynamic test is open book test, but I am and the whole classmate still ave no idea on what should we do to solve the problem given. Like Zakwan said, something missing. Hahaa..but there we will never ever able to find the solution if we  always assume there something wrong with the question. An I am not really sure if I am believe on my lecturer.  Huh. What did I mean? Whatever....

Then, the numerical method. I need to change my brain  to computer. Read line by line carefully in order to make the simplest  and yet the right coding. It is really tough but it quite interesting. Fun. Whaaa.. fun in learning. Sometime. If and if  only if I am able to create the right coding. Else...I will turn into zombie..and then, spend a lot of time in front of my laptop, thinking the right code. Huh. am start babbling around about my test, the killer subject. It is better if I am stop right now before other topic i am babbling about.'

Dear all my friend, wish me good luck. Hopefully I have the strength to answer all the thermodynamics question as well as make Matlab code for numerical method. Exactly tomorrow. Insyaallah.

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