Jumaat, 2 November 2012

Selamat Hari Lahir Adik Sayang


Heyyy..you..yes, you, my dear.... Syima Ahmad.....

Happy Birthday !

Selamat hari lahir sayang, my adik yang cantik *tipu ,yang mengada-ngada, yang manja, yang suka diet, yang pengsan sebab tak cukup makan, yang suka berleter, yang selalu jadi teman kakak dia ni bergosip mahupon bertikam lidah, yang selalu kena buli dengan kakak dia ni, yang lemah antibodi, yang lembik, yang......apa-apa je la... but... hey.. you are lucky because you are my sister. Haha. Sila terharu sebab kakak mu ini sangat rajin menulis semua ini untuk kamu walaupon sangat bz. Ya, saya tahu, kamu pon bz jugak. Bz dengan SPM. Good luck dear sis. Just do your best.

Dear my sister, selamat hari lahir. You are now 17. Be matured, thinking wisely about your life, your future.... Do your best untuk SPM ni. Apa pon result kamu untuk SPM ni, just redha...because SPM not the everything dear, you still have time to improve yourself. Yeahhh. I am right beside you to support you from back, from left, from right... I am always there for you, anytime..just take your time and I am really sure, you can count on me. You are my sister, right? 

Sory....sebab selama nii tak sempat nak ajar, nak share everything with you... it all because of the limit, i am not always around, near you to keep push you to study nor to guide you. But I am believe that, you are more matured than me. Hahaha. Reality.

Nasihat buat adikku, semoga sihat selalu, tambah laaaa berat badan tu, dah terlalu kurus kering, makan banyak, sian mak masak banyak tapi kome tak makan pon, tak payah nak diet sangat la kan... and then, rajin rajin kan lah diri tu untuk study...jangan asyik tidur, layan movie, layan novel cintan cintun bagai....

One more thing, 
tak semestinya gelap itu buruk,
tak semestinya cerah itu cantik,
tak semestinya rendah itu jatuh,
tak semestinya tinggi itu terbang,
tak semestinya pandai itu bijak,
tak semestinya bodoh itu dungu,
tak semestinya berharta itu kaya,
tak semestinya fakir itu miskin,
tak semestinya hitam itu jahat,
tak semestinya putih itu baik,
tak semestinya hujan itu suram,
tak semestinya panas itu ceria,
tak semestinya marah itu benci,
tak semestinya puji itu sayang,
tak semestinya A itu pandai,
tak semestinya E itu bodoh...

Yeah..biar lah apa-apa pon yang orang kata kat kita, apa persepsi dorang kat kita, apa first impression dorang kat kita, just ignored it. because who they to judge us, they are nothing, but strangers, unless after they really know about us, about what had happened to us, the difficulties that we had going through... People never know the reality unless they had been in the situation or if they also in the same boat like  us...

Last but not least, all the best my sister. I know you can do it. Ganbatte! Just do what you want. You who are responsible for what you had decide. There nobody else, but you. Yeahh. Jangan nak ikut sangat  cakap orang. Just do what you want. But, do accept others suggestion too. Who know  if it is much better. Right?
*Your choice in your hand.

"Protect us, oh Allah! Guide us well on this world full of temptations. Sesungguhnya hati kami milikMu."

*Love u my sis.
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