Selasa, 1 Januari 2013

Never trust peope so easily !

*I am death.

Reminder to everyone especially student, never never and never trust people so easily. Why and why? Because you will never know what are their intention on you.

This is real story of mine. I am never expect this would ever happen to me.  I am always thinks that this shit things never happen to me. Why? Because I am always believe people around me and I am never have negative feeling toward them.

Until 24.12.12...this disaster happen. But.. Alhamdulillah, Allah save me. He keep me away from the disaster. I am too shocked what had just happen. In 5 days, I see the real world, how people around me behave, back stabbing, cheating around, lies everywhere..

Hope everything went well and I hope this things will settle before this upcoming exams. I am death, and I am not prepared enough to face my  exams. Oh, Allah, give me strength to face all this. I am not strong enough. But I believe that I can do it as you will never give this things happen if I cant done it. 

I will update the full stories later after I am really settle with my case. Hope that all this things will be run  smoothly. In Shaa Allah. :)

p/s: u still have family and friend who always care about u. appreciate them. love them.

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