Ahad, 28 April 2013

CEDAN 2012/2013


Last Saturday, on 20th April 2013 had been held Chemical Engineering Dinner Alumni Night (CEDAN) by our department, Department of Chemical Engineering University Malaya.

Well, this dinner is totally rare from any dinner that I ever attend. Why? That because... my friends and I had made a special performance for our dinner, Hollywood's dance. Whooaaahh. 

We had give out our best and a lot of commitment regarding this performance; sacrificed our time to study, rest and so on to practice. Well, most of us do not have any dance basic. At last we manage to learn the step and made our own choreography. But at last it had made our friendship become closer and closer. Ouh yeahh. :)

I am enjoyed myself during this dinner. We do have a lot of fun. We ate a lot. We laugh a lot. And of course, we captured a lot of photos. Weeehuuuu..

Here, let the picture describe how happy we are. Also included our performance movie. :) Heyyahh.

Happy face of me :)
Eat time.
Lab mate :)
The dancer.
With Dr Monash and Dr Anantharaj.
Buddy  :)
With Fairus

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