Isnin, 1 April 2013

It is monday.


It is monday. Yeah. And I start my day with finishing my organic chemistry's assignment. Horrayy.. Mission accomplished. Success to finished it on time.

Then, rushing back to university. I am having class cpp2 at 11.00am. Well, before that of course I do the laundry first and tidy a bit the house. Firas and Rayyan, both still sleeping upstair with their mother. Pfff..

At 10.00am, I am managed get taxi to the lrt gombak. There not much taxi available at this time but luckily I get one. Yeayyy.

Today I am having such a great morning. Firstly managed to completed my assignment which then anable me to summit it on time. Then, managed to clean the house first before leave it. Then... I an meet such a kind uncle.

At first, we talk in english very formally. He ask do I am a student? I say yes. Following with long chat. He tell me to have self confident and study well. Then... He asked where I come from. I am say Perak. Then automatic he change talk in perak accent. Wohaa.... Feeling really great! Same hometown. :)

But then, the uncle drop at Masjid Jamek, while me continue my journey to University. Then rushing to my class.
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