Ahad, 28 April 2013

Malam Perdana Sembilan


Just having my last grand dinner for this semester, college dinner or more specific, Malam Perdana Sembilan (MPS) Phase 2 last Saturday Night, 27th April 2013. Ouh, yeah.. before this MPS Phase 1 just had been held on last week, Friday Night, 19th April, a day before my CEDAN dinner. :)
Ouh yeah..guess what? I receive an award that is 'Anugerah Sukan Harapan'. Feeling really good and happy. Looking forward if I could join more event after this and I aim to get the academic award next time. Really want and want it. :)
Award :)
What to say.... I am really enjoy the dinner. The theme is color blocking. So, everyone look so colorfulness, elegant, and glamorous with their respective outfit. The dinner had been held at Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya. Five star hotel u olls. Of course it was so happening that had me so excited to attend the dinner.

Well, the surrounding just nice and I am feel really comfortable with the  service. Not only that, the foods just so nice and I ate a lot. Harhar. My tummy full with a lot of delicious and yummy food last night. But now? *Sight... Well, what I am most like is the food performance by Marriot Hotel. It was really unique and I am just love it.

As usual, I took a lot of photos. And this time, I am as the eater only. :) Like it. Just enough and enough with dancing ok. Heyy..guess what. Alif Aziz and Suki were our performer for our grand dinner. I am feeling so high and excited when Ali Aziz sang and he look so handsome. Ok. Stop it. Hehe. :)

After all, the dinner was so great and I am totally satisfied and the RM110 payment just worth it all. :)
Ready to eat
Syok sendiri jap. #Eh

 Me :)

Classmate, college mate. :)
With gorgeous Fairus
With pretty Hanisah
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