Khamis, 18 April 2013

Love our parent :)

In ISLAM, parents respect and caring is an obligatory duty for all Muslims, and children are instructed to be kind, obedient, and must look after them during their lifetime and old age. Both father and mother hold a special place, but mother’s role, love and sacrifice is more recognized and rewarded. So please do not overlook, or ignore this important duty - otherwise, you may regret later in your life, when it is too late!

"We have enjoined on man kindness to parents…"

( Reference - Al Qur’an C29: V8 & C46:V15)

Please look after your parents and be kind to them, as this will help you to earn a place in the Jun-nah  Our parents are our pride and without their love, care, hard work and prayers, we would not have achieved our career and personal goals. JAZAK’ALLAH

A simple thing you do for them, will make them feeling happy.

So... what are you waiting for? Do something now...

don't wait until you are being regret!

Catat Ulasan
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