Khamis, 13 September 2012

My days.


Yeah. Nothing much to say. But u know what? My timetable schedule is really pack. From Monday to Wednesday, my class start as early as 8.00 am. Goshhhh. Then only on Thursday and Friday my class start at 9.00 am. Yeah. It really really awful but yet I am prefer morning class rather than evening. Why? Because...I am always become sleepy when evening. It like my habit since secondary school. Haha. Always sleep during prep hour. But of course I had finished all my homework. Yeahhh.

*it kinda no so clear.

 Yeah. As what u all can see. Really pack huh.

I text my brother recently complaining about this timetable...

"I got chemical engineering. Makin tough kot. Dah la jadual pack gila. Setiap ari  start kul 8. Budak kos lain banyak je free. Hasish...."


As what my brother said....

"K....Excellent  choice and good luck...Be more professional in what ever you do... Always thinks positive, more rational and never jump into silly conclusion in what ever matter... If you could hold that principle you will succeed in your life...."

The moral of the story....stop complaining! That is my choice, not others. Right. Just go on with the flow and try my very best to achieve my goal. Yeah. Even it really impossible but yet who know what will happen soon. Right. Ganbatte farhana..!!

p/s: my English a bit bad. I am trying to improve it by writing as well communicate with others. Yeah. It kinda compulsory for me to speak in English when talk to the lecturer in the class. Sometime akan keluar bahasa rojak. But who cares. We are students. At least I am trying to learn.


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