Jumaat, 14 Disember 2012

A small gathering with them.


Heeeee. Just having small reunion with the girls, Saadiah, Amanina, Nabilah, Shahanum, Azyan and last but not least... Nabihah too. Weeee. Sorang lagi x ada. Di mana kamu Athirah? Call x angkat. Heh.

Heh. Best. Best. Lama gila tak jumpa dorang semua ni. Maklum le, semua buzy, plus sekarang ni dah nak final dah. So, everyone, good luck and all the best for our final. Go go silvergeneration 0610 ! :)

Heee...now, let the picture tell uolls how excited we are after long time no see. Heeeee....

*All of us. :)

*Happy faces :)

*The two Dr to be. Heee. Another one Dr missing.


P/s: Hoping that our friendship last longer and longer. #Seratas #SilverGeneration

Wassalam. :) 
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