Ahad, 16 Disember 2012



Tired of studying?
Feeling bored during the weekend?
Don't have any plans during weekend?

Weehuuu..today, I had join engine run. Quite interesting. 6km O.o And of course I am feel so tired and exhausted after the event. What to say, huh? Ermmm. Their management quite  slow and i am not satisfy with them. Why? Huh? They told us that the event will start on 7.00am but it start on 8.00am. Sigh. Malaysian type. The closing ceremony too. Make me so unpatience. Huh.
Btw, I am done my running, 6 km ooooo. On sunday morning. I should just lay on my bed and continue my sleep rather than join this event. However, I love running very much and of course I want to keep my body fit in order to join sukmum for next year and also masum, maybe if I am the choosen one. Heeee..
It is 6km distance. Harharhar. Dont expect that I am constantly running without stop ya. I am start walk from API to Fac Engine. But...but...I am manage to grabe the 11th place. Weehuuuu. Good job Fana! 
Well, hopefully that next time I will do much better and better.  Weeeee....

*Map for running
*Certificate & Medal
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