Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

My last day


This post dedicated to Delisa, one of my favourite kid in Taska Comel Niya as on 15th of February is her birthday. Happy birthday dear love. Hope u grow well and happier. :)

Well, that is my last day working there as semester 2  will be start again by this Monday. I am still not really ready to face the new semester yet. And I am also unhappy with my first semester result. But after all it is not bad. Ok, I am taking engineering now and bear in my it is very tough to get 4.00 nowadays. Yes. However, getting more than 3.00 much satisfied me than below 3.00. Just keep moving on and work harder. Yes, I know, the pointer I get deserve all my efford that I had done and I am must obey the fate. But somehow, I am must work harder and this failure should not make me down. Just calm down and moving forward.

Yeah. Hopefully that all thing went well after this. I am hoping for good changes after this. Really hope. :)

Start the new semester. Leave my job for awhile. Yeah. Move on.

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