Ahad, 21 Julai 2013

Allah never gives a trial that is too great to bear.

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Have problem? Keep in faith that.....
Problem makes the man perfect.Problem gives experience to man.Problem makes man to think in many ways.Problem helps man to bring out his potential skills.
Problem is a stepping stones for szuccess.
Problem it gives guts & courage to person.
Problem gives clear view to your goal.
Problem makes you STRONGER !
Well, we must believe that there must be something good lies upon problems that we faced in our daily life. Maybe we haven't any clue regarding what had happen around us, but Allah knows what best for us. Believe that, Allah will not give what we want, instead He will give what we really need.

For example, we really desperately want to pursue our studies at overseas, at famous university instead at our own country. But still we manage to pursue our study at local instead of private. Maybe all this happen because Allah know that we are not strong enough to be at others country; homesick, 'iman' level decrease, not enough money and so on. Well, studying at our own country also not bad. Still, our country have best university available for us.

Well, there are so much problems that may encountered us daily. There are so many that I am unable to list it here, Starting when we woke up in the morning for Subuh's prayer until the night. There are many! But, that depend on us how we manage to accept and solve our problem gently. The ways we solve it show that how strong we become everyday.

Yes, it may take some time for us to solve it. But, believe that, Allah never gives a trial that is too great to bear.

"There are so many problems in the world and they just keep piling up. No one is asking you to be a hero, no one is asking you to take the weight of the world on your shoulders. Humanity just needs you to do what you can with what you have."

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