Selasa, 16 Julai 2013

Be Nice !

"Stay nice even others are not, even others cannot, even others do not, and even others would not."

What is be nice? 

be nice. is a positive anti-bullying initiative designed to spread awareness surrounding the issues of bullying and the importance of treating people with civility community-wide. By creating awareness, we will minimize and reduce the devastating effects of bullying such as depression and suicide.
Bullying is a significant issue within our schools and communities both locally and nationally. The be nice. campaign strives to educate students and community members about how simply "being nice" is an effective way to promote a safe and civil environment within the school and community. 

To be nice. 

  • is more than just saying don’t bully.
  • is a strengths-based perspective, and a positive way to minimize bullying. We have learned over the years that just telling someone to stop or don't is negative and often ignored.
  • is a proactive way to encourage kindness among kids, parents, co-workers, etc.
  • is all-encompassing. It goes further than just an action.

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