Isnin, 22 Julai 2013

Engineering Fact

No matter how late you are to class,
there's always room for you in the first row.

Nothing makes an Engineer more productive than the 'Last Minute'.

'Night' are more productive than 'Day'.

It's easier to stay awake till 6 am, than to wake up at 6 am.

Grade don't measure intelligence and age don't define maturity.

Your family member will never consider you as engineer unless you fix any of home appliances.

Great minds, think alike. That's the reason why we turn in the exact the same assignment.

"TAKE IT EASY" is a Concept of Common People But, "MAKE IT EASY" is a Concept of Engineers..!!!!


ENGINEERING is not just a word...

Its an Identity...!!!


"Don't Care What People Say,I'm Proud To Be An Engineer"

*just for fun.
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