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Feel difficult with life? It's common things.

"Don't pray for easy life, pray for strength to 
endure a difficult one."

Everybody wants to be happy in life. We all want to live a perfect life. We want that great job or a successful business. We want to be married to Mr. Right or Mrs Perfect. We want to have great kids. We want to have friends that stick by us come rain or shine. We want to be able to have all the material things life has to offer and have all our problems just disappear.

Me? I want A's for all of an examination that I need to be siting for. I want 4.00. I want a great and enjoyable job. I want a good man who willing to accept and loving me. I want travel around the world without thinking any trouble that may come. I want a happy family. I want a luxury cars, houses, clothes, shoes, etc. I want this. I want that. I want everything in this world if possible.

Everybody wishes for good life. It may be at different levels. One person may define a good life one way and another may describe it another way. For one person a good life may be just having three meals a day and a roof over their head. For another it may be having a huge mansion and a couple of million dollars in the bank.

There are different levels and meanings to what a good life is. But whatever you define it, there is perhaps one thing that you may have in common with many other people. You might want that good life stress free. You would like to have it without having to work so hard or struggle so much for it. That is a normal human expectation. Nobody likes to struggle through life.

Unfortunately, that is also what may be stopping you from having that great life. The thought of all that work, all that planning, overcoming hurdles and resistance is enough to make a lot of people give up before they even start. It can all seem too overwhelming, and for many it all just doesn't seem be worth it. It’s like being drained of energy just at the thought of running a marathon. Before you are even at the starting line the thought of all that running just scares you and tires you so much mentally you just decide not to go for it. It’s just too hard.

“Once we know that life is difficult- once we 
truly understand and accept it - then life is no 
longer difficult.”

In life you will have difficulties getting anything you want. It is very rare to get anything in life without some degree of effort. Only if you win the lottery will you have everything without effort, and even then you would have had to go out and buy the lottery ticket anyway so it’s not free at all. See, even to win a lottery also need some effort. What about our daily life?

Even to make your stomach full also need some effort. You need to cook, or went to the restaurant, then open your mouth to order your meal. Once the food is serves for you, you need to take the food into your mouth. The food will never come to you unless you search for it. Same things goes to other things. Right? thus, the conclusion is everything that we want in this world need some degree of effort.

Accepting that life is hard comes with accepting that you have the responsibility to make it better. Not only do you have the responsibility to make it better, you have the ability and the power to make it better. You see, the only person you have any control over is yourself. You cannot change other people.

“You always have choices”

No matter what situation you are in, you have a choice. No matter how bad things are, you have a choice. No matter what you think you can or cannot do, you have a choice.
Now it may not be an easy choice, by any means. It may be a very difficult choice and the road you decide to take may be a tough one. It may push you way out of your comfort zone. It may mean that in the initial period your life may get even harder than it already is. But it is a choice nonetheless.

A lot of times you will actually find that the choices are not as hard as you thought they were. You may just have shut off your mind from seeing those choices and possibilities because you thought you had no choice. Once you become open to the idea that you are responsible for your life and that you have choices, you will find that you are no longer stuck just because life is hard.

At that point, life is still hard, but you have the final say. Your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful. 

My examination result just released last Wednesday. Good or bad? I am think 50-50. Some are good, some are bad. As expected, I am get worse for my Fluid Mechanics and Organic Chemistry. Both get C+. Sobs sobs. Others? Quite OK. Got A, A-, B+,B-. But still not help me to increase my current CGPA. My dream to get 4.00 never will be achieved. Mission failed.

Yes, I am realized that my effort is still not enough to get  a higher mark. I am need to work even more harder and harder in order to make me happy. Like what the below photo tell us,

Maybe there will be some reasons lies behind what had happen to me, basically toward my result. Maybe I need to recheck why I take this course and learn it; to just become rich or because of Allah. Thus, I am may need to setting back my 'niat'; learn because of Allah, learn because I want to expand my knowledge, learn because I want to improve myself, my family and the community as well as help the Muslim.

For what ever reasons it is, I am need to accept it. I am need to accept that I am not the genius guy. I am an ordinary human being who really wanted to be the unique ones, the superwoman.

Despite of my low pointer, I am still pass my examination and do not need to repeated any subject. Hmmp. Actually, I am was thinking about improving my grade. However, all the subject that I am got low mark is department course and it was not offer during short  semester unless there  had a lots people request it. Still have no idea how to improve it. Do I am just need to follow the flow? I am just not happy with that.

I am really hope that this upcoming semester, I am would be able to pay more attention toward my studies. I am just don't know what was going on with me. I am do memorize all the lines clearly, but still unable to answer during my exam. I am worried with my bad performance. How I will able to go through this next 6 semester with uneasy feeling. What if I am can't get any good work after graduation. I am worried. I am worried.

Just pray and pray that; Oh Allah, give me the strength to face all this difficulties. I am just rely on you for what ever that  happen. Amin.

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