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hehe..Oral Presentation...(OP).. rasa malas gila nak buat.. tapi lastly siap jugak petang OP ana ngan partner ana, huda. cer baca and komen sikit, mane tau bolah tambah dan perbaiki apa yang patut kan.



Speaker 1: Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone. It's a pleasure to be standing here to talk about something which we are quite sure you will be fascinated with.
Attention -getting Opener
Exercise is very essential to keep the body fit. The body has to be toned up regularly. Exercise helps improve overall vitality and makes one feel more energetic and vibrant. In case, you do not exercise, then your health gets affected in many ways. How does lack of exercise affect your life?
Speaker 1: Today we will be exposing you to four major effects of not exercise on teenagers.
i.        Health problems.
ii.      Overweight.
iii.    Poor self image.
iv.     Mood.
Speaker 1:
TRANSITION: I will start our presentation by talking about the health problems and overweight, while my partner, will continue by talking about the other two points. So let's get started on our investigation of health problems.
  1. Health problems.
a)      Chronic disease.
b)      Weaker immune system.
c)       Risk of suffering from ailment of the muscles, joints and bonds.               

Speaker 1:
TRANSITION: Now you know the effect of not exercise on health problems. Let's continue with the second effect.
  1.  Overweight.
a)      Faced weight-based discrimination from their peers.
b)      Lead to antisocial behaviour.
c)       Lead problem to the respiratory system and can be harmful to the heart.
d)      Lead to an even greater inclination to avoid exercise with others.

Speaker 1:
TRANSITION: Now you are aware of some of the effects on overweight and earlier on, I touched on the symptoms of health problems. Now, please allow my partner to continue our explanations on the effects of not exercise.

Speaker 2: Thank you, and now, ladies and gentleman, I will continue about the effect on poor self image when you are not exercise, and after that I shall talked about how not exercise may effect mood.
  1.  Poor self image.
a)      Self esteem greatly lowered.
b)      Increased laziness.
c)       Make feel physically not adequate even if not obese.
d)      Lead to misconception from other people.

Speaker 2:
TRANSITION: As you can see, not exercise may lead to poor self image. Now let's investigate how not exercise influence our mood.
  1. Mood.
a)      Easily become very tired.
b)      Can’t keep a good sense of concentration.
c)       Not able to deal with concentration and stress better.

Speaker 2:
TRANSITION: Now that you understand of the four major effects of not exercise on teenagers. So, we have reached the end of our presentation.

SPEAKER 2: We hope you are now well aware about and understand the four effects of not exercise on teenagers. My partner covered.... while I presented.......
i.         Health problems.
ii.       Overweight.
iii.      Poor self image.
iv.     Mood.
Memorable Concluding Remarks
In conclusion, exercising effect your entire body not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. Nobody wants to spend all their time in the gym or running around, but it is important that you take a little time out of each day to get in some physical activity.

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