Rabu, 11 April 2012

umbilical infection

  • presentation may be with umbilical erythema and discharge. Umbilical infection may occur with an umbilical granuloma.
  • localised umbilical infection may be treated with topical antibiotics e.g. fusidic acid cream tds.
  • a more severe local infection, where there is evidence of wider skin involvement or a purulent discharge, will require oral antibiotic therapy e.g. a five-day course of flucloxacillin 62.5 mg qds.
  • a neonate who is systemically unwell with an umbilical infection should be admitted to hospital for blood cultures and intravenous antibiotics.

*grr..my belly button rasa sakit gila..macam kene cucuk-cucuk je kat perut ni and then ada keluar odour fluid. I am hardly to walk unless I am hold my stomach. It really pain you know. A lot of others thing that I need to settle down this week. My examination is not over yet. I need to study..but it seem really hard to read all my note and doing exercise while my belly button in pain. The worse is I am hardly can walk. OMG. I cant imagine how I can survive for next day...as I need to walk for a long distance toward my exam hall with this pain belly button. Then I call my sister tell my sister about my condition. She said that may be because of bacteria infection. Ok..then I need to go to the clinic. That night, I cant concentrate on my study...I really wanted what actually happy to my lovely body. Then I IM with my brother who is a doctor..but seem he is too busy with his patient. This morning, I checked my inbox and he say that it is umbilical infection. What it is.? I am never heard about the weird name yet in my life. He told me I need to have antibiotic fusidic cream and also eat antibiotic cloxacilin 4 time a day for about 5 days. Afterward, I am keep google for this infection.. and others who had experience this really same as what I had right now.
*I am heading to clinic with my sister after this. Hopefully that this is not really bad. A lot of thing I need to do this week. I have exam. Then I am also have an interview to enter UM again. pray for me dear.

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