Rabu, 4 Januari 2012

Disadvantages of Blogging


*This is a common problem among full time blogger. They feel confidence to give their opinion in blogging but they do not have confidence to face with the real world.


*I know many bloggers who struggle with their full time blogging. They love blogging but they do not have a fixed source of income. Some choose freelance writing job for earning money and few choose to depend on their parents to full fill the need of money.


*No work when you are ill.
*This is tough time for those blogger who work alone.
*They do not have time to update their blog and it ultimately results in loss of blog income and traffic.
*That is no best solution for this problem. You can either request to your friends to updated your blog or you can hire any professional writer to work for you in your bad time.


*Blogging requires discipline. Most of the bloggers plan to work day and night while moving from day job to full time blogging.
*As a students who still have other important assignment to settle out, blogging will be a distraction to finish the work.

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